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Training in English

Training description

Duration: 3 days.

Location: The training in English is organised in Warsaw, at the Polish Bartender School training centre at Jagiellońska 58/128A in Warsaw.

Class hours: 9.00-15.00

Price: PLN 949 (total price, the School does not charge any additional fees).

No deposit is required fo the First Level Bartender Training. Payment will by taken during the first class.

Trainers: Szymon Hebel

Certificate: On completion of the exam, the participant will receive a First Degree Bartender Certificate in English (each certificate has a unique hologram).
At the request of the trainee, we can also issue the certificate in other foreign languages.

Exam: practical and theoretical (possibility of unlimited "retakes", at no extra charge).

Additional activities: every graduate of training at the Polish Bartender School is entitled to participate free of charge in thematic workshops regularly organised by the school.

A very important part of the training is the tasting of cocktails and spirits so please think about using public transport to and from the training

Brief course description:

The First Degree  bartending training course of the Polish Bartender School is the most popular course for current and future bartenders in Poland. We are one of the largest schools in the European Union. 

Many experienced bartenders started their adventure with this training. So there is a considerable likelihood that in your future career you will meet bartenders, bar managers and managers who have completed their training with us. 

The First Degree bartending course is an extremely intensive training lasting three days of six hours each day. The core of the classes consists of practical exercises during which the students prepare a number of cocktails always based on premium alcohol. The classes are interspersed with tasting and evaluation of the compositions prepared.

Our trainers promote bartending at the highest level, which is why we work with high-quality alcohol in our classes and provide all the extras so that the cocktails prepared are as perfect as possible. In the training, we teach future bartenders to pay attention to every detail, because in the work of a bartender, many factors contribute to success.

The bartending profession is one of the few that allows you to combine work and play. When bartenders are working they are constantly meeting new people and having fun. And this is how we approach training. Professionalism comes first, of course, but we don't forget about the magic of the job - the smiles, the fun, the integration. Our graduates often mention in their feedback that the training was, apart from learning, simply time well spent and that the friendships from the course often stayed for years.

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